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The FilaMinder - Spring-Loaded Filament Clip

Keep your rolls of 3D printer filament from getting tangled and potentially damaging your 3D printer!

Available as downloadable print-it-yourself STL file or as a shipped 8-pack ready for use!

3D Design, Modeling and Production

Whether you need a specialty part created, an army of tabletop minifigures printed or something in-between, Coverville3D is happy to help with quick turnaround and reasonable pricing.

Introducing Coverville3D: Revolutionize Your Ideas into Reality!

With our cutting-edge 3D modeling and printing solutions, we empower individuals, businesses, and innovators to unleash their creativity like never before. From intricate prototypes to stunningly detailed architectural models, our state-of-the-art technology brings your visions to life with unparalleled precision and quality. Whether you’re an artist seeking to showcase your imagination or an entrepreneur aiming to optimize product development, our skilled team of experts is dedicated to transforming your concepts into tangible masterpieces. Embrace the future of design and manufacturing with Coverville3D, where imagination meets innovation.

Let’s shape a world limited only by your imagination.

I need a specialty part designed in 3D and printed. Can you help?

Specialty Parts Are Our...Specialty

Sometimes you just need something custom-designed for your application. Whether it’s to replace a broken or missing part, or you you need something created that simply doesn’t already exist, Coverville3D has you covered.

Stands and displays, cosplay pieces, replacement widgets and whatchamacalits – we combine form and function to meet your needs.

I’ve got an STL file that I need to have printed. Are you able to do that?

We're Happy To Be Your Print Service

With quick turnaround and flexible rates, we’d love to take on the role of your printing service. Resin or filament, a model you’ve created, downloaded or bought, we’ll provide a quote and a delivery estimate for you.

I’d like to see what 3D models you have available for purchase.

We've made Some Pretty Cool Stuff Too

Lighsaber and Kyber Crystal Displays, Magsafe iPhone Stands, and much, muich more. See what we have to offer, and place a customized order today!

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