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FilaMinder – Spring-Loaded Filament Keeper STL




Print FilaMinder Spring-Loaded Filament Holders yourself for your own use!

This ZIP file contains everything you need to print FilaMinders on your FDM or Resin printer. There are two versions of the FilaMinder:

  • The Spring-Lock Version: This version has pegs and a channel on the shell that keeps the spring locked-in, making it easier to install and remove. This version prints great on a resin printer, and on an FDM or filament printer, you just need to use supports to print the channel and pegs cleanly.
  • The Simple Version: This version just has the rod & shell and prints beautifully on an FDM printer.

And keep in mind, this is a 1.0 version – as improvements are made to the design, you’ll be able to freely download updates from your purchase here.

Which spring should I use?

I’ve found that the best metal compression springs to use are 25mm long, with a 5-6mm diameter. Here’s a really inexpensive set on Amazon. The length is the most important of the dimensions, in order to give the clip enough movement to securely fit inside the filament spool and provide enough pressure to stay put.


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